March 21th, 2009

Madame Ghis – Follow Up and Finale


Shortly after my release from prison, I realized that citizenship is what kept me imprisoned in the role of a slave without chains. I was the subject of an external sovereign, the State, to which I belonged. It brought me security and protection in exchange for blind obedience. In reality, I was a domesticated animal, a sheep. My master took care of me as long as I remained perfectly loyal and submitted. How could I ever leave this prison and know freedom? I would arrive at this by letting go of all the privileges offered by my master and by following my own aspirations. But my master may send his dogs after me to bring me back and keep me in the sheepfold. So be it! From then on, my decision was unshakable. Nothing could make me waver. I would cease to behave as an animal. Never again would fear lead my life. I chose to take care of myself, to renounce all my rights and obligations towards the State. The citizen-slave, Marie Éva Sophie Ghislaine Lanctôt – along with her Siamese twin LANCTÔT GHISLAINE – officially died on July 31st, 2008!

This resolution slowly took shape inside of me during the months that followed my incarceration, as I wrote the book Madame Ghis – Escape in Prison. First published in French on December 1st, 2008, this book explains my evolution for the past 15 years and the daily account of my two-month imprisonment. However, the story at the end of the book was left unfinished. LANCTÔT GHISLAINE’s trial was scheduled to take place on January 20th, 2009. Meanwhile, I was often asked: “What will happen during the trial?” I had no answer to offer but I knew one thing – EVERYTHING IS PERFECT. The judge’s decision would be exactly what was needed for the evolution of my own consciousness and that of humanity. As we got closer to the date of the trial, my internal omnipotence gradually grew. On the morning of the trial, I was ready. I felt as calm and solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.

JANUARY 20TH, 2009

The legal entity LANCTÔT GHISLAINE was scheduled to face trial on January 20th, 2009, at the Granby Court of Justice, in Quebec. During my last visit in court, I, Ghis, had promised to be present at that time. My visit on January 20th was brief. At once, I told the (new) judge that the citizen, Marie Éva Sophie Ghislaine Lanctôt, was dead. He answered: “Are you ready for your trial?” I then informed the judge that I was a sovereign being with a body, a soul and a spirit and that I had nothing to do with the fictitious legal entity who was facing trial today. The judge retorted: “’Madam, I shall hear Madam Lanctôt’s cause in a short while. If you have nothing to do with the case, you have nothing to do with it. Thank you very much. You can go back to your seat in the audience.”

Surprised by his words and determined not to participate in the trial, I decided to leave the room. Before my exit, I handed a paper sheet to the court. On one side was the Death Notice for Marie, Éva, Sophie, Ghislaine Lanctôt and, on the reverse, the Declaration of Individual Sovereignty. You will find these two documents below.

Then, I simply left the courthouse. GHISLAINE LANCTÔT’s trial took place later that day, in my absence. Because of the long incarceration – “enormous” according to the judge – already served by the accused, he decided to impose the minimum fine, one thousand dollars (1000$) to be given within a period of two (2) years, with no extra charge. In addition, he refused to order the production of income tax reports as the prosecutor was asking.



This experience of death-without-death is certainly uncommon and seems unusual in our current world of illusion where the only death we know is physical and inevitable. We believe that only death can free us from the hell on Earth in which we live and give us access to heaven and an eternal rest.

What if death did not exist?
What if we could know heaven on Earth without dying?

That is the whole purpose of my present process – to go from mortal unconsciousness to immortal consciousness, in order to find my true identity. When I remember who I really am, the unlimited Creatrix of all that exists, all that ever was and will ever be, death becomes impossible. Consequently, all the systems built upon this lie we call death eventually collapse and cease to exist. That is exactly what is happening now. It is the end of our present world of illusion, into which we are born in fear, we act in fear and we die OF fear. In truth, fear is death that is afraid of dying. To step into the new world of reality, I must die TO fear and discover life-without-death. Through this process, my body undergoes a complete transformation; much like the crawling caterpillar disappears in her chrysalis in order to be born again as a free-roaming butterfly.



Sovereignty represents the supreme authority. A person can become a sovereign being when she decides on a transfer of power. She leaves the illusory external sovereignty of the State and chooses the true internal sovereignty of the soul. She unifies authority and obedience. Her law becomes individual, internal and is dictated by the present moment as she learns to obey her soul at all times. The division between authority and obedience is over, and so is war and conflict. No more games of power, no more losers and winners. She is no longer afraid to lose what she owns and not getting what she wants. Since she let go of expectations and results, she is able to experience internal peace and serenity in all circumstances.


Several persons wrote to me following the trial of January 20th, 2009, asking questions, offering comments and suggestions. Each one showed her interest in a different manner. Thanks to all. Today, I will answer your queries.

A trial is like a hockey game. One player attacks – the prosecutor – and the other player defends himself – the accused. Out of this conflict emerge a winner and a loser. As for me, I am no longer at war with anyone and refuse to collaborate in any type of conflict. Since the beginning of this legal saga, I have refused to participate in it. Once again, on January 20th, 2009, I had decided not to take part, under any consideration, in this judicial fight. I let the judge and prosecutor decide what was best without my intervention. Is this resignation? No, it is conscious creation. The night before the trial, a friend asked me what my plan was. “I have none!” was my answer. I had given free rein to my soul and accepted in advance all that she would create. She is the one who holds true power. The evolution of consciousness wins every time. On this aspect, I was rewarded beyond my wildest dreams.

I was asked, mostly by reporters, if I would pay the fine imposed by the judge. To everyone, my answer was the same: “This does not concern me. Since June 2007, I have stopped identifying with the numbered, legal person called LANCTÔT GHISLAINE, created and owned by the State. This corporative entity is the one who underwent trial. She is the one who is concerned with the judgment. If you want an answer, talk to that person’s owner.”

Some people suggested – and even offered – to have someone else pay the fine so that I could get peace of mind. I was touched by their offer and smiled. This false peace of mind that was suggested meant the end of trouble, of legal procedures. It is motivated by the attachment to a specific result and is dictated by the ego. In any circumstance, when I buy peace, I sell my soul. True peace is internal and free of any expectations. That is the type of peace I aspire to.

Sometimes, I hear people talk about my fight for justice or against injustice. Words such as fight, combat, contest, battle, struggle or resistance are often used to describe my process. This violent vocabulary is typical of our present world of illusion, where the separation between authority and obedience is omnipresent and automatically degenerates into conflict. This duality reduces our action towards established laws to either submission or insubordination. When I limit myself to this single option, it is easy to classify someone such as me as a seditious rebel. However, my process takes place inside ANOTHER world – that of reality – where the sovereign soul lives in peace and harmony at all times. The sovereign being acts according to her soul’s wishes, without expectations. Conflict is useless and its martial vocabulary, obsolete. Justice and injustice give way to justness. The soul lives in a world of pure truth and does not make mistakes.

Well-meaning recommendations continue to abound and incite me to modify my consciousness-based language, shocking comments, spiritual vocabulary, clear-cut opinions and radical positions. This way, my ideas could become more acceptable to everyone. With a more tolerable envelope, the media may stop to ridicule me, to call me a guru or an esoteric delinquent. Relax! Criticism does not touch me, and neither does ridicule. As I have no expectations, I cannot be disappointed.

However, like you, I find that humanity’s conscious awakening is slow and its inertia, massive. In such a context, any disturbing idea or word constitutes a threat to the ego’s strongly established routines. He becomes aggressive towards the person who expresses such unfamiliar behaviour. Agressivity is one of fear’s most favoured tactics. Let us realize that humanity is in the middle of an evolutionary crisis and that the futile dream of a better world is over. A formidable mutation is beginning. The world of illusion and lies is disappearing to give way to the world of truth. Facing the truth is shocking!

As for words with a spiritual connotation – such as consciousness and soul – they often provoke internal resistance or even a complete closure of the mind. Could it be that when we got rid of religion and spirituality, we threw the baby (truth) out with the bath water (lies)? Modifying my speech to please others would mean that I agree to lie. I am good at that, but I refuse to do it anymore. Like my words, my commitment to a fully conscious truth suffers no compromise.


Today, I celebrate the end of a 15-year evolutionary cycle in my life that started in 1993 and was related to individual sovereign power. It may seem like a long time. Indeed, the rebellious and fearful black sheep inside of me resisted for a long time. “What is going to happen to me?” did he keep repeating over and over. Death, sooner or later!

However, I knew where I was going during the whole time. I was exploring a new consciousness – beyond conscientious objection and civil disobedience – where the supreme authority is internal and not outside the person. I had deducted that omnipotent freedom had to exist inside of each individual. I was persuaded of this, I did not have one ounce of doubt, but I needed proof. Only experience could bring me that. I decided to take up the challenge without knowing what it would consist of. I would need to behave as a sovereign being, to act according to my soul aspirations, without a recipe or an instruction manual and, especially, without guarantee.

Old unconscious habits and long-engrained automatic responses kept surfacing on a regular basis, without my knowledge or consent. My ego refused to give up the steering of my body; he awakened fears and created trouble to discourage me. Nevertheless, I kept going on this pathless path until the day I finally reached a wall – the wall of death. On it was written: “Do or die”. I had the choice to return to the former world of death – with its submission or insubordination to external authorities – or to walk on the sovereign path and come what may. I chose to go on and cross the wall of death. There was no way back. I did nothing to control the result. I gave free reign to my soul and put my full trust in her. Holding my hand, she helped me cross the wall. She knew that it is an illusion and that death does not exist. And it is true!

What remains of this adventure? Even if one missing tooth and two blocked ears remind me of my crumbling black sheep, I have found what I was looking for without knowing it what it was. Now, I understand how to get out of human slavery. I have discovered true freedom. It lies hidden inside of me, imprisoned deep under the status of citizenship. I found the key out of slavery as I left jail. Today, nothing is left of what I called “me”. It feels weird to be nothing, neither a citizen nor a human being. At the same time, it feels really good. Now, I am learning to integrate the truth that I am everything – the public washrooms, the war in Iraq and the New World Order.

Presently, all of humanity is facing the wall of death. The experiment of intelligent and submissive/rebellious sheep is coming to an end. Millennia of human suffering will disappear with the sheep, but not before it reaches a final climax. This paroxysm will facilitate our decision to accept the death of the old species and its survival program. It will end forever our hope of an external saviour that could never come because he never existed. We keep hoping that the world will change, that humanity will get better, but we keep bumping onto the same mistake – we want to change the world without changing ourselves. I know for a fact that I cannot change anything but myself. Now, I am working on doing this with all my energy.

I am no longer dreaming of a better, more just, more harmonious world. I don’t want an air-conditioned hell. No! I want heaven on Earth. Each day, our human species sinks a little lower in a sea of dementia and absurdity. Homo sapiens is becoming extinct. With it, the old survival program – work, suffer, age and die – will disappear forever. We will finally have access to our true identity as a sovereign, immortal and omnipotent being. Let us rejoice!

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Table of contents

Table of Contents


Part One
In Prison : The Detention
The Warrant and the Expectation (March 3rd to April 3rd,, 2008)
The Arrest (April 3rd, 2008)
The Court of Justice (April 3rd, 2008)
The Psychiatric Prison (April 3rd to 7th, 2008)
The Court of Justice (April 7th, 2008)
The Prison Van Ride (April 7th, 2008)
Arrival in Prison (April 7th, 2008)
Section C1-North (April 8th to 11th, 2008)
Section B1-South (April 11th to May 2nd, 2008)
Section A1-North (May 3rd to 17th, 2008)
Return to Section B1-South (May 17th to 28th, 2008)
Departure from Prison (May 28th, 2008)
The Court of Justice and the Release (May 28th, 2008)

Part Two
Before Prison : The Evolution of Consciousness
Awakening to Individual Sovereignty (1993 to 1998)
Concrete Applications (September 1998 to June 2007)
Legal Proceedings (June 6th to September 6th, 2007)

Part Three
After Prison : The Slave’s Escape
Legal Afterthoughts (May 28th to June 23rd, 2008)
The Court of Justice (June 23rd, 2008)
The Transformation of Consciousness (June 23rd to July 31st, 2008)
The Slave’s Death (July 31st, 2008)



I. The Evolution of My Name
II. The Bank of Canada
III. Press Release (March 4th, 2008)
IV. Ghis’ Letter (March 8th, 2008)
V. Jean Dury’s Legal Note (March 9th, 2008)
VI. Ghis’ Letter (March 23rd, 2008)
VII. Ghis’ Letter (March 29th, 2008)
VIII. Press Release (April 3rd, 2008)
IX. Jean Dury’s Legal Note (April 9th, 2008)
X. Ghis’ Letter in Prison ( April 15th, 2008)
XI. Ghis’ Letter in Prison (April 24th, 2008)
XII. Ghis’ Letter in Prison (April 29th, 2008)
XIII. Ghis’ Letter in Prison (May 10th, 2008)
XIV. Ghis’ Letter in Prison (May 19th, 2008
XV. Ghis’ Letter (June 23rd, 2008)
XVI. A Defendant’s Little Guide


1) “Ghis” is pronounced “Gui”, as in “ghee”.
2) All the names of the defendants and the staff from the Tanguay prison and the psychiatric ward have been changed. Frankie is the only defendant who has specifically
asked that her name be kept as such.
3) The actual names of police officers, doctors, judges, attorneys and legal counsellor have been retained.
4) The description of various persons is not meant to be judgemental and is used only to help the reader.
5) The story found in this book takes place in Canada. Remember, however, that the legal, police and prison systems are similar in all so-called democratic countries. There are minor variations in the vocabulary and the technical details.
6) The paragraphs in italics offer additional comments.


What brings a 66 year old woman, mother to four children and grand-mother to nine grandchildren to experiment with prison instead of quietly sitting in a rocking chair or traveling the world ? It all started in 1993. I had everything – a close family, a respected profession, success, material comfort, good health. In short, I was happy. But deep inside, a little voice was calling for help. It kept reminding me, “You have all that you ever dreamed of, but your life has no meaning.” Eventually, I understood that it was my soul asking to get out of her1 prison. I decided to listen to her and my life fell apart completely.

My soul showed me that the world in which I live is made up of lies and illusions. Reality can only be perceived with the soul’s eyes. With her help, I learned that behind the income tax system – and all other systems – we find slaves without chains, human beings who are ignorant and unconscious of being the property of the State. They trust their government enough to entrust it with their children, their health, their property, their entire lives. Citizens cannot guess that the State is a mere legislator and tax collector working for the Bank of Canada, a cartel of private bankers.

When I became aware of this situation, I decided to put an end to my life as the subject of a ‘higher’ authority. How could I do this ? By doing the exact opposite of what I had been doing before. How does a slave behave ? Like a domestic dog. He submits to the will of his master who uses it as he wishes. In return, the master feeds it and brings it security. The more docile is the dog, the better he gets treated.

I decided to escape from slavery at all costs. I renounced the rights and privileges guaranteed by the State and stopped fulfilling the required duties and obligations. Concretely, I let go of health and other insurance, bank accounts, credit cards, driving license, property, investment, etc. I did not ask for retirement savings or old age pension. Simultaneously, I stopped filing income tax returns. The State worried about the uncommon behaviour of one of its slaves and forcefully tried to bring the dissident back onto the ‘rightful’ path. That is where the book starts.

Thanks to the media that have reported my legal adventure, several persons in Quebec and in Europe learn about the LANCTÔT GHISLAINE case. When finding out that I have not filed income tax returns since 1995, unconscious white sheep shout, “That’s what happens to swindlers. She deserves these two months in jail!” The black sheep are more aware of governmental manipulations and lies. They are delighted and shout, “Finally, someone who dares to challenge this rotten
system!” My fiscal adventure is, however, motivated neither by my desire to save money, nor by my wish to rebel against the authorities. I have only one goal – finding my true identity, asserting, and honouring it.

This book is infinitely more that just a moving prison story. Of course, you will dive with me right into the heart of the jail environment, living the daily turmoil, suffering and confusion of those who often spend a good part of their lives in such a place. But you will also discover your own true identity as a
sovereign being. You will understand why a human being, once it has reached a certain point in his evolution, cannot continue to behave as an intelligent and fearful animal. You will learn that the human species has finally reached the end of a long process in the evolution of consciousness. Our species is presently undergoing a huge mutation!

Before diving with me into this adventure with the legal and prison systems, you need to understand the various parts of the book. The first section explains my life after learning, on March 3rd, 2008, that an arrest warrant was issued in the name of LANCTÔT GHISLAINE. It stops with my release from jail on May 28th, 2008. By leafing through the pages of my journal, you will live with me the daily events of these intense few months. The second part contains a summary of my evolution
of consciousness between 1993 and 2007 and talks about human nature and the legal world. The third part includes the discoveries I have made since my release from jail, which brought me to celebrate, on July 31st, 2008, the death of the slave Marie Éva Sophie Ghislaine Lanctôt.

1. I treat the soul as a feminine aspect of myself, so I say “her” and “she”. The body, matter, usually represents the masculine aspect of what I call “me”.


We are presently experimenting the end of a world, that of illusion. One after another, its shameful lies and deceitful tricks are exposed. Its Stock Exchange and currencies collapse; its banks and insurance companies go bankrupt; its clients lose all their possessions, its governments establish martial law; its armies get ready to send protesters inside concentration camps and refugees inside mega-prisons. Suddenly, we become conscious that we have been lied to, or rather, that we have been lying to ourselves. All that we believed in is false. Our illusions are going up in smoke. At long last, we discover that Santa Claus does not exist !

Calling death as a last escape route grows steadily more tempting – suicide, illness, accident. Others choose to freeze their senses with legal and illegal drugs, sex, alcohol, etc. I invite you to close the door to all the means of evasion and to live intensely the greatest adventure of consciousness of all time. Know that the crisis that we are presently experimenting is not financial, social, political, religious, or moral.

In reality, it is an evolutionary crisis !

Human beings are crossing the bridge between unconscious animality and conscious, individual sovereignty. A most fundamental mutation is presently happening, as big as the caterpillar changing into a butterfly or a foetus who becomes a baby. In both cases, only the death of the first stage allows the birth of the second stage. We are presently going through the pains of childbirth. They can be excruciating if we resist the change. When the experience becomes difficult, we need to
remember the crucial point. The only reason for my existence on earth is the fulfillment of the sovereign being that I truly am. That is why I should consider every loss that I experience as a gift
to help me accomplish the purpose of my present incarnation – the transformation of consciousness.

The curtain falls – my adventure in jail is over. It is the outcome of a long search for my real identity. The legal proceedings were the excuse; the result will naturally follow. As always, the only winner remains the evolution of human consciousness.

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Press Release for Diffusion on January 14th, 2009


Madame Ghis
Escape in Prison

A book… beyond democracy

Montreal, January 14th, 2009 – Ghis, previously known as Ghislaine Lanctôt and author of the best-selling book The Medical Mafia, has just published a new book entitled Madame Ghis - Escape in Prison. What it reveals is stunning enough to put the big media ill at ease. Yet, ratings skyrocket with each new appearance of the ex-physician in the media.

Whether we agree with Ghis’ ideas or not, she leaves no one indifferent and the public wants to follow her adventures step by step!

The English version of the book will be available on January 28th, 2009.

Several years ago, the author learned that income taxes were not used to finance public services but to pay back the interests of the national debt owed to the Bank of Canada, a cartel of international private bankers. She also found out that these bankers had never lent one penny and created the money out of thin air. From then on, she decided to stop being the accomplice of such a fraudulent system. She ceased all collaboration with banks and income taxes. This is what brought on the legal proceedings instigated by Canada Revenue Agency in the name of Her Majesty, and the two months of imprisonment that followed.

This coming Tuesday, January 20th, 2009, the legal entity LANCTÔT GHISLAINE will face trial in front of the Granby court of justice, in Quebec.

In these times of crisis when we would expect a change of direction and a surge of creativity from our leaders, the opposite seems to be true:

A 75 billion dollar loan granted to support private banks
Useless and expensive vaccination campaign against the human papillomavirus (HPV)
Coup d’État in federal politics, where Her Majesty prevents a coalition of the opposition parties
Multiple privatizations in all areas of society, possibly including Hydro-Quebec
Forever decreasing services and increasing taxes that literally choke citizens to death
Progressive deterioration of roads, hospitals, schools, etc.
Special favours to multinational corporations and blatant neglect of local industries
Disappearance of Canada for the benefit of the NAFTA with a single currency, the Amero.

With bankruptcies, suicides, crimes, school dropouts, cancers, violence… all increasing at an alarming rate, we can no longer ignore the total failure of all so-called democratic institutions. Our society is facing a dead-end. In front of such a situation, Ghis starts by facing the naked truth. She exposes the real cause of our system’s failure and its inevitable collapse. And, especially, she proposes an innovative and original way for the institution of another world.

The book Madame Ghis - Escape in Prison is a testimonial that brings us to the Tanguay prison where Ghis shared the daily living of truly amazing and touching women. This book covers subjects that will astound many readers – life in prison, the evolution of consciousness, the slave’s escape, etc. It can be compared to a medical report on an agonizing democratic system, with a prescription for its heirs. The testament is yet to come. (I remember who I am)
For any information on distribution, phone: (450)297-3930
Relations with the media:
To receive the book for press service, please contact us. Thank you.

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Today, June 23rd, 2008, a pro forma trial was held for LANCTOT, GHISLAINE, at the Court of Justice in Granby, Quebec. As I had promised, I was present. However, I still maintain that my presence is related to a mistaken identity. I do not identify with this fictitious, legal person. In court, it was decided that the official date of the next trial will be January 20th, 2009.

I wish to remind you that for the sovereign being with a body, a soul and a spirit that I am, this trial is an experience for the evolution of consciousness. It is not a battle with a winner and a loser.

This sovereign being is a transformed human being who is no longer afraid and needs no security and protection. To her, there are no external enemies, as she is conscious of being EVERYTHING. The ego that was in charge of his survival has died; her body (physical, emotional, mental) is now governed by her soul, the individualization of the creative spirit. She is not worried about material results and she is not attached to them. Her only objective is her spiritual evolution. The caterpillar has been transformed into a butterfly.

Tomorrow, June 24th, is Quebec’s official holiday. Let us use this occasion to die to Quebec’s –or any other state’s – imaginary dream of a hierarchical sovereignty. Instead, let us give rise to a new consciousness, that of individual sovereignty, and to a united person without separation, without a dominant/dominated, authority/obedience, good/evil duality. The sovereign person celebrates life-without-death. She celebrates herself!

"That is what the body is learning: to replace the mental government of intelligence by the spiritual government of consciousness. (…)And since it is taking place in a body, it can do so in all bodies!" (Satprem, The Mind of the Cells, quote from The Mother).

Read more: a text by Ghis on "Real Sovereignty" (PDF file)

If you can't read this file, click on the link below to download the most recent version of Acrobat Reader:

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Original Audio (in French)
Transcript of the English Translation

1. Tanguay House is Montreal’s Prison for Women

Original Audio (in French)

Click on the arrow below to hear the audio recording:

Transcript of the English Translation:

Maison Tanguay, May 19th, 2008



Today is a holiday. People don’t work and spend time celebrating the Queen, their sovereign. The dictionary is clear and unambiguous when it comes to the definition of the word SOVEREIGNTY(1). It is the supreme authority, with an absolute power to command obedience.

Sovereignty is related to a partnership between two entities: one who commands (called Authority in this text) and another who obeys (called Obedience). At first, the power seems to be on the side of Authority but this power is conditional to the good will of Obedience. If Obedience refuses to submit, Authority has no power. Thus, Obedience is the one who holds the real power. She can choose to use or give up this power.

Authority perpetually lives in the fear of loosing her false power. That is why she uses different strategies in order to persuade Obedience to give up her real power. Authority buys the good will of Obedience with rewards, the celebrated P-A-P carrots – Power, Money, Prestige. She even promises an upcoming and supreme carrot – a place in heaven after death. The reward system works very well and guarantees the obedience of the great majority of the population.

For a rebellious minority, Authority uses other stratagems. She guarantees their submission through punishments, the long-feared E-D-E sticks – Exclusion, Dispossession, Elimination (prison, psychiatry, death). To this is added the dreadful possibility of a supreme stick – eternal suffering in hell. These coercive methods work wonders on Obedience who abdicates, gives up her power and accepts to submit herself to Authority’s will. This situation brings on a permanent war of power between Authority and Obedience. The most fearful one loses. In the end, both end up dying of fear and exhaustion.

Absolute power is required in order for sovereignty to exist. It cannot depend on anyone else. No higher authority can have precedence on its absolute power. When power is relative and limited, there can be no sovereignty.

  • If there is separation between Authority and Obedience, there can be no sovereignty since one is dependant on the other and both their powers are limited. This duality brings on division, conflict, disorder… and death.
  • However, if there is fusion of Authority and Obedience, sovereignty becomes possible, because Authority and Obedience are ONE. Duality has been replaced by indivi-duality (indivisible duality). This unity generates communion, harmony, order, peace… and immortality. Thus, we can conclude that:


Only an individual of the human species, a person, can be sovereign. This eliminates all the false sovereignties of gods and goddesses, Allah, Yahweh, God, kings and queens, popes, dalai-lamas and other spiritual leaders, the United Nations, continents, nations, countries, homelands, the Constitution, the Bible, the Koran, the Gospels, all laws, etc. All these so-claimed sovereigns preside over hierarchies that operate through the separation between Authority and Obedience. Consequently, these sovereignties are illusory and deceitful, and inevitably bring on disorder and death.

True sovereignty is internal. It is found in the soul, the individualisation of the One Being that is the creative force of the whole universe. The soul is the supreme authority whose law is recognized and obeyed by the sovereign person. The soul never makes mistakes. She represents truth and guarantees justness, order and peace. She is the true internal sovereign. Thus, we can affirm that:


The sovereign person remembers who she really is, both the creatrix(2) and the creature, both Authority and Obedience. Her soul commands and her body obeys. She is under the full governance of her soul. She bathes in peace and vibrates with joy. The war for power is over. The soul governs and the person acts as her conscience dictates, for the love of her true self. The ego disappears a little more, each time a fear is healed. The person’s behaviour becomes that of a creative being, omnipotent and responsible, the guarantor of all that happens in her life.

The sovereign person is conscious of her true identity – the creative spirit inherent to all created matter – and she behaves as such. She abandons her old ways of living. She stops seeing herself as a poor creature, the daughter of an external creator, the god of death. She ceases her submission to external laws, the laws of death. She no longer gives her power away to external authorities, the servants of death. She lets go of all the teachings found in sacred books – Bible, Koran, Vedas, Torah – that perpetuate death. She no longer belongs to a family, a homeland, a country, a religion, a race, a tradition, a culture or a planet, since they all represent the limits of death. She refuses to venerate a science that teaches the lies of death.

Today, the sovereign person celebrates a life-without-death. She celebrates herself!



  1. It is important not to confuse Autonomy and Sovereignty. Autonomy is the capacity, for a machine, an organism or an individual, to work on their own, without depending on the outside. This type of independence is variable and limited in space and time, whereas true sovereignty is supreme and, thus, unlimited, immortal and immutable.
  2. Creatrix: feminine of the word “creator”, so as to celebrate the feminine principle of “spirit”, which always comes before and creates the masculine principle of “matter”.

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Original Document in French
English Translation

1. Tanguay House is Montreal’s Prison for Women

Original Document in French

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English Translation

May 10th, 2008



“No vacancy!” shouts Manon humorously. “Maison Tanguay”, Montreal’s prison for women, is filled to the brim. Today is Saturday, May 10th, and we are 37 female prisoners in a section built to accommodate 17. A few newly arrived women are lying directly on the floor of the main room. As for the cells, they are overcrowded with extra mattresses on the ground. It is clearly a condition of “overpop” (slang word for overpopulation), claim my roommates.

Last Saturday, I moved into Section A1N. Repairs needed to be done in the section I was assigned to before. Those concerned were re-localized here and there, in various sections of our prison. With a few of my previous inmates, I was brought to this new location. We carried our few belongings in paper bags – clothes, personal items, bed sheets – and our mattress under our arm. For once, I didn’t regret my king-sized bed!

Once we got there, we were totally shocked. The cells were tiny (2m by 2,5m for two people), with a small window, a toilet-sink metallic “block”, a small desk (90cm by 40cm), and two bunk beds. One of the inmates shouted: “Yesterday, we were at the motel. Now, we’re really in prison!”

Adapting to these new quarters was brutal for all of us. Several violent emotional explosions filled the first days, as new territorial boundaries were delimited. I experienced this process firsthand. My cell cotenant could not go to sleep and went crazy. She chose me as the perfect scapegoat and poured her anger onto me. There was no escape from the tiny cell with its door locked from the outside. I stayed in my bed, lying in silence, surrendering to my soul, and reassuring my pericardium with both hands pressing flat on my chest, directly over the heart. After a while, she calmed herself and went back to bed. For the first time, I realized how verbal violence could be strong. I felt it like balls of energy flying in all directions. Imagine how terrified children can be when their parents quarrel….

A week has gone by since we moved to our new quarters. Things have settled. Trust and mutual help have come back. Newcomers are once more welcomed with compassion. The usual activities are taken up again: hair braiding, head and neck massage, card and dice games, etc. A cheese theft is quickly forgotten and the fighting over who gets to use the phone has ceased. However, most inmates have developed flu symptoms. The prison representative for our section is warning us against nasty microbes. She seems worried about the fact that overcrowding has enhanced the chances of infection and recommends frequent hand washings with soap. We are far from Hamer’s Germanic New Medicine!

As I look back, I am aware that it has been a restless and destabilizing week. However, I am amazed to realize the speed at which chaos has transformed into order and distrust into conviviality, despite unfavourable material and physical conditions. I recognize and celebrate the fundamental kindness of human beings. It awakens and manifests itself so timely.

After more than a month spent in different sections of this prison, I can assure you that none of the inmates I have met are dangerous for society. Not one of them needs to be behind bars. What they require is a calm environment so that they can find a reason for living, some affection to heal old wounds, a little help to readapt to living in society… and, especially, no coercion and violence. Incarceration never was and never will be an efficient way to counter criminality. In the information bulletin for the Elizabeth Fry Society of Quebec (Fall 2006 edition), I read that: “Canada remains the second country in importance after the United States to imprison its citizens for various offences, although the great majority of them present no risk whatsoever for public safety.”

I cannot help but make the connection between the medical system and the prison system. Both have a common goal: the transformation from a public monopoly to a private monopoly. As you might know, the medical system first established a state monopoly – the public health insurance. Later, chaos was methodically introduced into the system through the use of budget cuts and staff reductions. The ideal solution was then offered – a private monopoly through privatization. In the prison system, the state monopoly is already in place. All that is needed to create chaos is to increase the number and the length of judgments. “Overpop” in prison is a sure sign that the aim of the game is privatization of prisons and the establishment of a private monopoly. Very soon, Canadians will witness the construction of huge prisons inside which private corporations will have access to a very cheap and very docile labour force. This situation already exists in the United States, where the present number of prisoners exceeds 2.3 millions. It means that 1 American out of 100 is incarcerated. Slavery has been legitimized. Who benefits? The new prison owners – international bankers! And who foots the bill? The taxpayer, once more!

It is high time that we stop believing in the necessity of prisons and that we cease to celebrate when “nasty” persons are punished by “good” ones. This old duality of right and wrong is what holds together this absurd and obsolete law-police-justice-prison system. The increasing number of laws and punishments has only brought more disorder onto this planet. Let us stop our old ways of thinking and acting, which are based on fear. Instead, we can allow creativity to spring forth and to bathe in true love. Only love is contagious!


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Original Document in French
English Translation

1. Tanguay House is Montreal’s Prison for Women

Original Document in French

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English Translation

Maison Tanguay, April 29th, 2008

An Evolutive Process


I must admit that the experience I am presently living in prison is rather uncommon. It generates all kinds of emotions and comments. Each interpretation varies according to its author’s perception. As white sheep willingly choose to submit to the established power, they celebrate the fact that my insubordination is being punished. Meanwhile, rebellious black sheep are angry with the abuse of power that official authorities have used towards my case.

In reality, my experience is not related to obedience or disobedience. Neither is it tax evasion, tax protest, conscious objection, civil disobedience, or pacifist resistance, all of which are oriented against external authorities. My process is related to a new consciousness –


It is to be found in an individual who knows that the Supreme Authority – her soul – is internal and who chooses to obey her soul’s advice at all times.

The sovereign person is unified. Inside her, Creative Spirit and created matter are ONE. The soul governs and the body obeys at all levels – physical, emotional and mental. That person knows internal peace and manifests this state in the external world. She remains without fear of consequences, unattached to potential results, totally without expectations. She has nothing to gain or to lose.

This attitude goes against the usual games of power and the confrontations that we experience in normal life. These are characteristic of individuals who are separated from their creative being, who are unconscious of their true identity, and who are governed by their ego and its associated animal survival program. Such individuals wage wars against others to see who is right, who will have the upper hand, who will impose his will on others.

The typical behaviour of a sovereign person is specific to her and differs from that of a usual human being. Such a person manifests no separation, no limits. She is ALL and acts in perfect synchrony with the whole universe. She treats everything – persons, animals, and objects – as she treats herself, with love. Voluntarily and spontaneously, she contributes to the wellbeing and the prosperity of society.

A butterfly cannot go back to the state of a caterpillar. In the same way, this new conscious state of being is permanent and irreversible. Who can go back to believing in Santa Claus once they have learned the truth?

The present experience I have created for myself is called an “arbitrary detention”. It is a steep path along the great internal adventure called “consciousness”. This challenge is big; the bar is high. I grope along in the new consciousness, on a pathless path, in an unknown forest that is sometimes cruel and merciless, sometimes soft and joyful. I place one foot in front of the other. While I keep on course, I remind myself of the true purpose of this adventure – the new species. My ego is worried. My body is scared of what is happening and of the unknown looming ahead. However, I have given free reign to my soul. Tightly do I hold her hand and blindly do I follow her advice as she governs my daily life.

Today, the decision I am taking to affirm and honour my true identity follows another decision I took in 1995. On that occasion, I celebrated the death of my fearful, powerless sheep and the gradual emergence of the omnipotent Supreme Being imprisoned inside of me. Concretely, this decision implied that I was ready to dislodge all of my fears, one after the other, so that they could finally be healed. Today, I am facing my fear of prison. Fear, like death, is an illusion. Nevertheless, it needs to be physically experienced so that my cells become conscious of this illusion and accept to transform themselves. Don’t forget that evolution happens in the body. It is the body that serves as the bridge between the old species in the process of extinction and the new species now slowly emerging.

After thousands of years, duality is finally disappearing under the pressure of this new consciousness. It is being replaced by the unity of opposites. The division between good and evil, right and wrong, victim and oppressor is presently dissolving. We are now becoming aware of their complementary necessity as we go through life’s experiences. There is no robbed without a robber, no manipulated without a manipulator, no sick patient without a doctor, no child without a parent, no killed without a killer, no culprit without a judge, no outlaw without a policeman, no prisoner without a prison guard. The enemies of old have become the allies of today in the greatest of all adventures – the coming of the new species.

Whether we are aware of it or not, the Creative Force decides upon the evolutionary plan of matter with the help of individual accomplices – our souls. Knowing this allows me to live my experience in prison with serenity and to welcome present and future events with gratitude towards all the persons who are taking an active part in the process.

Even if I am not physically attending the “Eveil et Action” gathering in France, I am present among you with all my ?.

Multiple kisses to all.

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Original Document in French
English Translation

1. Tanguay House is Montreal’s Prison for Women

Original Document in French

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English Translation

Maison Tanguay, April 24th, 2008


After 3 weeks of captivity, I am more convinced than ever about the inevitable evolution of the human species. Here, the motto is VIOLENCE. Prison guards impose their authority by force. Prisoners resist their authority with all their might. The law of the fittest, the animal law, reigns everywhere inside these prison walls.

In the prison environment, violence is paramount. It can explode at any time, verbally or physically. On all sides, emotional bombs blow up with the slightest stimulation: anger, swearing, cries, confrontations, threats, punishments, etc. All the roles typical of our human tragedy can be witnessed.

Violence has always existed. Again and again, it was fought back by force. And the result was always the same: an escalation of violence.

Violence => Force => Violence => Force => Violence

It is not surprising that violence is now reaching unequalled proportions. Even outside these prison walls, in what we believe is a world of freedom, violence rages. In the last few days, in Montreal, we heard about a visiting couple being savagely attacked, along with cars and stores being vandalized right after a hockey match. The solutions that are proposed are always the same: we need a more “muscular” police force!

We are still waiting for authorities to solve this eternal problem of violence. However, their function is to maintain the status quo – the domination and exploitation of the masses by the elite. These blindly obey the orders of their superiors, “Big Money”. This is the entire raison d’être of the justice, police and prison systems. Let us stop dreaming that these will improve for the better.

By definition, violence consists of imposing someone’s will on another without his consent. It rests on a basic equation, the relationship between authority and obedience. One individual imposes his will on another, who agrees or refuses to submit to it. The first individual is rewarded by carrots (power, money, prestige). The second is punished by blows with sticks (exclusion, dispossession, elimination). In all cases, we witness a confrontation between 2 animals: the strongest dominates while the weakest is dominated and submits… until the next clash. There is a perpetual war between 2 enemies. It is the reign of fear.

Unconscious of their true identity, human beings behave as animals. They live in a world where authority and obedience are SEPARATED; this brings about conflict, disorder, and war. Like animals do, human beings put in place a hierarchy of dominant-dominated, where the superior imposes his will on the inferior… That is how domination and control are organized from top to bottom in the pyramid of power. Violence is found at all levels of all hierarchies, throughout society: family, education, orders, professions, police, media, health, etc. Violence is everywhere and affects everybody, from one level to the next. At the bottom of this hierarchy, we find children, the poor, and all other scapegoats, who are used by all levels to remove latent frustrations. Defenceless, they submit or rebel. Abused, beaten, abandoned, cast aside, separated…, they swell the ranks of our psychiatric wards and prisons.

Think about it. The dominant authority stays in power only if dominated individuals accept to obey. Thus, violence is used to force obedience. The longer the resistance, the more drastic is the violence. And since, nowadays, human consciousness is quickly increasing, violence progresses proportionally.

Consequently, real authority, true power, is found inside each individual, who can choose to say YES or NO to the orders issued by his superior in the hierarchy. Unlike animals, he has the choice. Only the FEAR of losing his rewards or of receiving punishments can make him give up his freedom to choose and make him submit.

The escalation of violence brings us face to face with its inevitable consequence, our own extinction. Either we go to the root of this pestilence – the separation between authority and obedience – and finally heal from it, or we disappear forever. This decision is individual, and so is the process that follows.

As we cannot improve putrefaction, neither can we improve humanity, which is simply a transition phase between animality and idessity (internal divinity). Humanity has fulfilled its function and is now drawing to a close. It will be replaced by a new species that is conscious of its idessic nature. This evolutive process is now well under way and nothing can stop the progression of the Creative Force. The hell-on-earth that we are presently experimenting is an evolutive necessity. We needed to reach this utmost state of absurdity in order to realize that we are heading the wrong way, we are in a dead-end, and that we need to STOP our old habits, our antiquated institutions, our outmoded animal behaviour, and our paralyzing fear.

The mutation of the human species will happen with or without me. I need to decide if I will stay attached to the old world and die of fear, or if I will die to fear as Idive into the unknown world of a new being who is conscious of his true identity. This last option consists of bringing the real authority back where it belongs – to the soul – and to obey her command. Idessic (divine) in nature, the soul always orders a perfect action. She cannot make mistakes. She is beyond human laws and transcends them.

It is only through an internal and individual unification of authority and obedience, within each conscious human being, that violence will stop, and peace, order, and harmony will finally emerge.

That is what I wished to share with you today concerning VIOLENCE within prison walls and everywhere in our present society. The experience that I am currently living here is infinitely significant on all plans. I welcome this as a gift and I live the experience in peace. France is keeping me informed of all your letters. Thank you with all my ?.

With tender thoughts,


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Original Document in French
English Translation

1. Tanguay House is Montreal’s Prison for Women

Original Document in French

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English Translation

Tanguay House , April 15th 2008.


First of all, let me thank you from the bottom of my ? for you constant and unfailing support. I am very touched by it.

I am living my present prison experience with serenity and peace, in harmony with my surrounding environment.

My ego cries and my soul rejoices. This is a perfect and ideal occasion to live a great internal adventure, the only one truly worthy of any interest.

Those of you who are concerned about my present and future state have nothing to worry about. Humanity is in the midst of an evolutive crisis, and I am simply one of its instruments. As a matter of fact, so are you! Let us participate in this, instead of resisting it.

Until we meet again, I leave you all my affection,


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Ghis, previously known under the name of Ghislaine Lanctôt, was arrested at 1:30pm, on April 3rd, 2008 by two members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Her arrest followed a warrant for arrest ordered on March 3rd, 2008 against LANCTÔT, GHISLAINE, a corporation created by the government and owned by it, for omission to present “herself” at the Granby Quebec Court.


Actually, there is confusion between two distinct persons:

• The first is the real person, whose name is Ghis (previously known as Ghislaine Lanctôt). She is a sovereign woman with a body, a soul and a spirit. She is not concerned with this situation.

• The second is the fictitious person, whose name is LANCTÔT, GHISLAINE. “She” is a legal entity, a corporation created by the government and owned by it. “She” is the one concerned with the present situation.

The origin of this confusion comes from the following fact. When a living human baby is born, the government constitutes a corporation – a company – that belongs to it and to which it gives the same name as the one chosen by the parents for their baby. To this name, the government adds a date of birth and a social insurance number. This establishes the “birth certificate” of a legal entity, a fictitious, virtual, lifeless person. Thus, the birth certificate represents the registration of a historical fact and does not constitute, IN ANY WAY, a proof of identity.


This newly created fictitious person is the property of the government. Since “she” is not alive, “she” can only exist if the real person accepts to “feed her” by endorsing “her” with a signature. How can this be done? By making sure that the real person identifies herself to the fictitious person bearing the same name as her. This way, both persons become amalgamated. As she is not aware of this scheme, the real person works by the sweat of her brow in order to “feed” a fictitious person who belongs to the government – “her” and all of “her” possessions. In fact, everything under the name of a person (house, car, bank accounts, salary, pensions, insurance… even her children) belongs to the fictitious person, and therefore, to “her” owner, the government.

In addition, without the citizen being informed of the situation, a commercial exchange exists between the government and the fictitious person. First of all, the government grants “privileges” to the fictitious person: rights, security, protection. In exchange, the fictitious person must pay all taxes. This contract is “presumed”, which means that the government takes it for granted without informing and getting the consent of the real person. In return, she must conform to the obligations of the fictitious person since she identifies herself to “her”. The real person is totally unaware of the existence of a fictitious person bearing the same name as her, and of this presumed contract. She does not realize that the contractual obligations are not related to her but to the corporation bearing her name. Actually, for the real person, the production of an income tax report and any contributions are always voluntary.


In the present case, Ghis, the real person, does not identify herself to the fictitious person any more and does not endorse “her”. Since 1995, she has stopped using the privileges granted by the government. After that date, her obligation to produce an income tax report has no longer been applicable. The governmental and corporative privileges that she has not used since include: all pensions, health and all other insurance, permits, bank accounts, legal defence, employment, along with any possession in the name of the fictitious person. Since then, Ghis has not been involved with the contract between the two following corporations: the Government of Canada and LANCTÔT, GHISLAINE. Consequently, she is not concerned with the summons addressed to LANCTÔT, GHISLAINE. For all these reasons, Ghis’ arrest is a case of mistaken identity.

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I am presently living an extraordinary experience to enhance the evolution of my consciousness. It is not, as most people presently assume, a fiscal, legal or financial event. My current situation is the outcome of a long process, inscribed in my daily life, whose sole purpose is to transform my level of consciousness.

The process began when, in 1995, I wrote The medical Mafia. In this book, I proposed a solution called “individual sovereignty”. For the first time, I realized that the ultimate creative power is found inside each human being! From then on, I applied this concept in my daily life, learning to behave as the creative and sovereign being that I am.

After seven years of practice, I shared my experience in a second book, What the Hell Am I Doing Here Anyway?, which came out in 2002. Inside, I started by describing The Big Picture of the evolution of human consciousness. Then, I explained the 180 ° turn which characterizes the behaviour of the new being. As he becomes aware of who he really is, his behaviour changes in all the spheres of his daily life: religious, financial, political, legal, commercial, industrial, domestic, communal… Non-collaboration with the income tax law is also part of this approach, which I have put into practice since 1995.

This evolution of consciousness brought me to discover and to heal many fears that I was unconscious of holding. I took an irrevocable decision to leave behind my state of unconscious, fearful sheep and to reach the state of a winged mare who is conscious of her true identity. This led me to give free rein to my soul, my only true sovereign, and to blindly obey her bidding. The warrant for arrest that was sent on March 3rd allows me to face the ultimate fear, that of imprisonment. What a present I give to myself, for the love-of-me!

Humanity is a transitional state between animality and idessity (internal divinity). The fearful human race that we presently know, and which has been painfully surviving in what can only be called hell-on-earth, is on the verge of extinction. A new being is appearing, who knows that he is the sole creator of the whole universe. This being will finally know real love, undying life, and paradise-on-earth.

I am delighted to participate actively and voluntarily in the evolution of human consciousness and I wish to thank all those who collaborate with this.

(Ghislaine Lanctôt)

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On March 3rd, 2008, a warrant for arrest was issued because for failure to appear in court, despite a mistaken identity. On June 4th, 2007, the Attorney General of Canada was advised by letter that the name LANCTOT, GHISLAINE, a legal entity established by a birth certificate, could not be used anymore as the proof of identity of the human being who had previously been representing it.

On June 6th, 2007, Canada Revenue Agency summoned the LANCTOT, Ghislaine Corporation – a creation and property of the government – to appear at the Granby provincial court, on June 18th, 2007, under seven charges related to the Income Tax Law, for failure to file personal income tax reports. This was received despite the fact that the Canadian and Quebec Attorney Generals were officially notified that no human being was now answering for this legal entity (Summons No. 455 73-000295-074). Me Serge Champoux, attorney, was acting for Canada Revenue Agency.

On June 18th, 2007, a courtesy visit was paid to inform Judge Donald Bissonnette that no human being was now representing the LANCTOT, Ghislaine Corporation. In spite of this notice, a non-guilty verdict was registered, without taking into account the refusal to identify with the legal entity. The court postponed the case until July 16th 2007.

On July 16th, 2007, Judge Marie-Josée Ménard ordered a trial at the same court, to be held on September 6th, 2007.

On September 6th, 2007, the legal entity LANCTOT, Ghislaine, was sentenced on all charges, by Judge Menard, and asked to pay a 1000$ fine for each charge, for a total of 7000$. An order was also issued to produce seven income tax statements within 30 days.

On January 30th, 2008, new charges were laid against the legal entity LANCOT, Ghislaine, for not having produced the income tax statements within 30 days. The appearance was set for March 3rd, 2008, at the Granby Court of Justice (Summons No. 460 73-000190-085). Me Serge Champoux, attorney, was still acting for Canada Revenue Agency.

On March 3rd, 2008, given the absence of the former representative for the Ghislaine LANCTOT Corporation, a warrant for arrest was ordered against this corporation for failure to appear.


Is it a money problem? No, it is matter of conscience. For years, I, Ghis, a sovereign being with a body, a soul and a spirit, have relinquished all the privileges granted by the government – health insurance, driver’s license, retirement savings plan, old age pension, bank account, credit cards, etc. – so as not to be bound by related obligations that go against my soul and conscience.

Until 1994, I agreed to pay taxes for a fictitious entity called a “taxpayer”, a corporation created by the government, which belongs to it and bears the name LANCTOT, GHISLAINE. I thought that I was contributing to the public good and did so with pleasure.

Why did I stop contributing in 1995? People might come up with the following common conclusions: financial crisis, rebellion, negligence, forgetfulness, etc. It is none of these. I took this decision by listening to my soul and conscience, after I found out that:

  1. Income taxes do not serve the public interest. They go directly in the pockets of international bankers, the true owners of the Bank of Canada, who use them to finance weapons, wars and similar ventures.
  2. The Bank of Canada does not belong to Canada, but to a cartel of international private bankers who created the Canadian currency we presently use. Beforehand, the power to create money was exclusively held by the Canadian government. It was given away to the Bank of Canada in 1913. Since then, the government has been borrowing – with compound interest – money that it could create for itself at not additional cost. That is why our huge national debt keeps increasing. Meanwhile, Canadian taxpayers are used as a security and bleed themselves white to pay the interests of this fraudulent debt.
  3. The services provided by the government are not paid with taxes. They are funded through new loans incurred on a regular basis, bringing about a steady growth of inflation and increasing the public debt – capital and interest.
  4. This public debt is fictitious, fraudulent, and virtual. It is a false debt. No money has been loaned by the bankers who own the Bank of Canada. They register and use written numbers that are not backed by any reserve (gold or other). This money is fictional; it has been created out of thin air. There is no real debt!
  5. For individuals, income taxes are voluntary contributions. There is no law that forces human beings in flesh and bone to pay tax on their income. Only corporations – fictitious entities – are required to pay tax on their profits – revenues minus expenses.


  • I become an accomplice of public deception and fraud.
  • I participate in financing world-wide wars and genocides. Don’t the Nuremberg Principles condemn any form of collaboration, direct or indirect, to “crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity”?
  • I support “big ones” as they dispossess “small ones”; I create social injustice. When this becomes clear, my soul adamantly forbids me to pay income tax. Indeed, there is much ambivalence in the message offered by the authorities concerning the behaviour they wish me to adopt. They demand that I blindly obey their orders at all times. However, occasionally, I must obey my soul and conscience rather than their orders.


  • Condemn Nazi leaders in Nuremberg, and Papon in France, because they had obeyed orders rather than their conscience;
  • Reward General Romeo Dallaire, after he had obeyed his conscience and not the orders issued by the United Nations. There exists “a higher law, the law of God, which orders us to obey our soul and conscience”, claimed the authorities during the Nuremberg trial.

I am aware that obeying my soul and conscience disturbs the system in place. Whatever the price, I remain faithful to my soul. She manages my life and I have given it free rein. Whatever the outcome of this adventure, I am pleased to contribute to the evolution of human conscience. After all, is it not the reason for my presence on earth?


To be continued…

You will be kept informed as events unfold.

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