We keep receiving emails, most of which express an enthusiastic support. Some are very moving, others are encouraging, all of them are sincere. We are very touched and thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support. Here are a few messages that we wish to share with you. Some are presented integrally and others, in part only. We have decided to keep them anonymous. You may recognize your own comments.

GHIS - in my opinion - is the first ROYAL HUMAN on the (self-created) "living" planet GAIA who discovered her Sovereignty in completion! I am deeply impressed and convinced by the truth and clarity of her explanations. - Spreading the information of her "BIRTH" and her real BEING on the globe step by step to manhoods knowledge by using the Internet I am only hopeful that the "Evolution of Consciousness" will growing like the waves if something is tumbling into water - and re-creating itself but endless.
J. from Toronto
Way to go, Ghis! I very much appreciate what you are doing and am grateful to know someone willing to be their true spirit without the ego. I will enjoy hearing how things unfold as you continue to evolve in consciousness.

M. from Calgary

« This lady is a pioneer! What she is doing is fundamental for the advance of humanity. With her example, another humanity might emerge. Thank you Ghis! "

Unknown from DailyMotion

This lady is a pioneer! What she is doing is fundamental for the advance of humanity. With her example, another humanity might emerge. Thank you Ghis!


Thank you for letting me know and I am sorry to hear about the problems in our troubled time. She is a very brave spirit!!!! Please let her know we are thinking about her and only see a positive outcome! We have to hold the faith.

C. W.
Dear Ghis,

I just wanted to wish you strength and perseverance for the upcoming trial.
Knowing how strong you are I am sure everything will turn out good for you, but wanted to wish you the best for it.

I have read all your books and I strongly support your thoughts and ideas.

May you be well and happy and take authorities not too seriously.


As another free soul finding her wings, I eagerly await any and all news of our beloved friend...just to join with her in anyway is indeed my blessing.....

if you can pass on anything at all to her please let her feel I know, I know, I know more each day of what she means, and it BECAUSE of her I am getting THERE. I first found her on ajBruno and the wonderful David Icke continues bringing us her words....
deepest and fondest,

K. from Australia

Voila! My peace and love ride with you Ghis for standing up and speaking this truth to a judge in a courtroom.

P. I.

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In 1984 I performed a one-woman show in Los Angeles titled, Prisoner of Belief. The character wore a business suit with a brief case that was a permanent attachment to one of the sleeves and replaced the left hand. There were no choices. It was symbolic of the situation we are all in and G. is not in. What is it like to be in a man-made prison in a man-made version of life and look out from behind what are supposed to be prison bars and see all the prisoners on the outside that aren't aware of their own imprisonment? Who is in and who is out? Loving G free.


I found your experience very strange but reading ur website makes me realize many things and clarify certain concepts
thank you very much for your experience
I read that on monday u'll have to be in court
don't be afraid
but concetrate on emiting LOVE =) and forgivness
many blessings and all the positive mental energy
please mantain a positive mental attitudeÙ
you have my full support
i'll be meditating on monday all day to send you all my postive energies
i'm not sure what i am talking about
but i really wish to help
i wish i knew what to do
but it seems wise to follow your steps
may the light be with you always....
Love and blessings for you Ghis,

G. S.

please pass along my warmest greetings and support to Ghis, the sovereign woman.
her courage is awesome!


Are there any people out there protesting for her release?
My heart is aching to not be able to be there with her.
This is madness. She does not deserve to be in prison.
Is there anything I can do to help?


Keep up the strength! You're a motivation to everyone who gets the game!


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