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I met Ghis in 1995, when she was known under the name of Ghislaine Lanctôt, during her trial with the CMQ (“Collège des médecins du Québec” – Quebec College of Physicians). We connected strongly as soon as we met. At that time, I had been presenting several associations in the field of alternative medicine. Ghis did not need a lawyer since she was presenting herself in court, but she was looking for a legal counsellor. Through personal experience, I knew that a person subject to trial could very well present himself in a court of law if he had access to legal counselling. Such an approach seemed revolutionary at the time but, nowadays, it has become a common thing. The person can express himself without a middleman and has access to justice at a lesser cost. Since that time, Ghis and I have developed a close relationship.

I have been practicing criminal law in Montreal since 1980. I have also been giving conferences on many subjects that are close to my heart, such as:

  • How to defend oneself without a lawyer;
  • How to become responsible and solve external conflicts, which always come from within;
  • How to become sensitive to the world of illusion in which we live;
  • How law, finance, politics and religion are connected.

I will keep you informed regularly about the date and location of these conferences on the site: www.jemesouviensdequijesuis.com.

On this same site, I will also publish legal notes based on related issues.

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As I perused the current file for Revenue Canada Agency against LANCTÔT, Ghislaine, I was left perplexed. I recently defended a motion in the Court of Quebec concerning the unconstitutionality of the Canadian Income Tax Law, on the motive that it was totally incomprehensible. Nobody is supposed to ignore the law. Ignorance is not an excuse, but this celebrated principle of common law is not applicable to the Income Tax Law, since nobody can fully understand it, including judges, lawyers, civil servants, bookkeepers, ministers…. Some people may have a partial knowledge on specific articles, but nobody in Canada has full knowledge of this law. Nevertheless, this same law stipulates that all must know it thoroughly.

I lost my motion on the following reason: even if the Income Tax Law is complex, the Court guarantees its explanation. Even if I tend to respect other people’s opinions, I am fully convinced that nobody can apply a law that remains incomprehensible, even with the best of intentions and the highest competency in the world.

In Ghis’ current file, I was amazed to find out that on September 6th, 2007, the attorney for Revenue Canada Agency, Me Serge Champoux, omitted to establish one of the essential elements of the evidence: the fact that LANCTÔT Ghislaine had a taxable income for the years concerned. Indeed, no Canadian citizen needs to file a tax report if he did not generate a taxable income during the current year. Is an 18+ year old student ever forced to file an income tax report? No. The reason is simple. To accuse a Canadian citizen of not producing an income tax report, Revenue Canada Agency needs to prove that the taxpayer has indeed made a taxable income.

Secondly, Judge Marie-Josée Ménard imposed a fine of $1 000 for each of the 7charges, one per year of non production, for a total of $7 000. Thirdly, she ordered LANCTÔT, Ghislaine to produce, within 30 days, 7 tax reports for the years concerned.

As a consequence of non production for the period prescribed, LANCTÔT Ghislaine was again summoned to appear in court on March 3rd, 2008, since she contravened Judge Ménard’s orders.

Why did the attorney for Revenue Canada Agency, Me Champoux, omit to prove the existence of a taxable income, an essential and fundamental element of the charge? And why did the judge for the Court of Quebec condemn her in spite of this absence of evidence?

This is essentially the problem that people keep encountering with the tax law. If the Agency’s attorney and the judge for the Court of Quebec made such a blatant error, how can taxpayers be expected to understand the tax law?

Today, Ghis, the human being, is under an arrest warrant, the most precarious legal situation under the Common Law since the 13th century Magna Carta. Since my training as a specialist in criminal law in the early 80’s, I have learned how important it is for Justice to make sure that no Canadian citizen is deprived of his freedom without due process of law.

For those who believe that the accused person should have appealed against the judgment, I shall reply that she does not need to know all the details of the tax law. This task belongs to judges, along with Revenue Canada Agency and its attorney.

In the USA, such situation would inevitably bring about a 10 million dollar prosecution against Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


This example clearly proves the incoherence of the Canadian fiscal system. Realize here that we have not yet examined the unconstitutionality of this law. In 1867, the legislator never gave the federal government permission to collect direct and indirect taxes from Quebecers citizens.

In 1867, the Canadian Constitution never stipulated that the federal government could transfer its power to create money to a private corporation, the Bank of Canada. This group of bankers stem from a cartel that was already well established before 1913, the foundation date of the aforementioned bank. These bankers privately organized the biggest crime against humanity in history, the creation of currency from absolutely nothing. In the Criminal Code, a fraud is defined as being a scam, a lie or any other delusive means that cause or may cause others to suffer prejudice. The lie is to persuade us that the paper money issued is backed with precious metals. The prejudice is that the Central Bank has never put in circulation the money needed to pay the interests on the capital.

Furthermore, the world banking cartel has been, for a long time and is still today, the essential cause for all the wars on our unfortunate planet. The so-called money that citizens are asked to give as taxes serves one purpose, which is to maintain this obvious fraud with the complicity of the federal government. What happened to the responsibility of the same federal government, which was to ensure the establishment and maintenance of peace, order, and good governance, as stipulated in Section 91 of the 1867 Constitutional Act?

It's about time for the public to become aware of what is going on backstage, so that they can finally regain their own power, as Ghis says so well.

Serenely yours,

Jean Dury

P.S. The present document is not meant to be a moral judgment, but a personal observation concerning the political reality of this world.

Source: www.jemesouviensdequijesuis.com

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I was lucky enough to visit Ghis at the Tanguay Prison in Montreal on Tuesday, April 7th, 2008. Since the early 80's, I have been working in the field of prisons and I must admit that, for the first time in my present life, I met with someone who was living this experience in a totally spiritual way. When she was riding in the police van that brought her to prison, Ghis was surprised to notice that she seemed to enjoy more freedom than those she could see on the streets, outside the van.

Ghis acted in all conscience, refusing to sign a document that would identify her with the fictitious legal entity that was created after her birth. Her refusal, which authorities have a difficult time understanding, requires that she stay imprisoned until May 28th, the date assigned for the trial assigned to the moral corporation named LANCTOT, Ghislaine.

Most people do not realize that they lost their natural identity at birth and that they now entirely belong to a private cartel of beings. These control both the Central Bank of Canada and their accomplices - all levels of government - which, through various strategies, collect from the population the moneys that are needed to generate all the current wars on earth.

The latest but not the least of these, the war on terrorism, will bring humanity on the road to ruin and a future with no possible prospects. In addition, this war serves only the interest of the banking cartel which, in order to feed it, creates astronomical amounts of money from absolutely nothing and lends it to various governments. In turn, these demand that we, the people, pay the interest on these fraudulent loans. Always keep in mind that at birth, we become the property of our government and that we serve as guarantors to these loans.

Let us now examine another war created by these so-called leaders: the war on poverty. On the news - or rather, what we believe is news - we are told about a phenomenal increase in the price of foodstuffs. The president of the World Bank is worried. The war on poverty has regressed by ten years. The price of rice has recently doubled and this leads to enormous tensions in all the countries where this cereal is an essential part of the diet. Several reasons are mentioned, such as the disappearance of agricultural land, an increased demand for animal products, or the conversion of millions of hectares of culture for the production of hydrocarbons. This camouflage serves to hide the one and only reason that can explain the present situation. The increasing poverty is a direct outcome of the creation of money from nothing.

Do not forget another great war which worries governments world-wide, that of pollution. One of the main reasons is our excessive use of fossil fuels. We need to work our entire life like slaves, in order to reimburse the interests on all the money borrowed to various banks across the world. However, it so happens that the money needed to pay back these interests has never been created. That is the fundamental problem of our present-day banking system.

Finally, let us talk about another war that was started in the 70's, the one against drugs. At that time, the gold standard that served as a guaranty for the emission of money was abolished. The drug commerce quickly became the most lucrative business in the world. World-wide governments took control of this while they pretended that organized crime was the culprit. That is how enormous budgets were developed to put in place police forces that were meant to watch us even more closely through the use of wire tapping. The population believes in this war but knows nothing of what goes on behind the scene. What's more, the profit brought about by the drug business is mainly used to buy weapons and thus, to further encourage wars. For those in doubt, realize that before the American invasion in Afghanistan, this country produced only 5% of the opium on the international market. Nowadays, it is responsible for 95% of this production world-wide. The conclusion is obvious.

Why do all the wars in which our governments get involved end in failure? It is because their whole structure rests on slimy grounds. Any policy that allows a government to borrow - with interests - money created out of nothing and to force its people to reimburse the amount through income tax and other taxes, will eventually cause its own destruction. The reason is quite simple. In spite of appearances, politicians have no power whatsoever. They are told exactly what to do by their real boss: their country's Central Bank. The owners of the private corporation called the Bank of Canada have a single purpose in mind: the domination and total control of human beings.

It is important to understand that it is not a conspiracy on their part. According to them, it is a mission that was passed on to them so that they return the lost sheep to the fold. This idea comes from secret societies where a very elaborate esoteric knowledge, going back to the dawn of time, was dictated to them by God himself, or so they say. That is why all the human sacrifices brought about by recent wars are seen as an integral part of their divine mission on earth. Not surprisingly, more and more people resist this treatment, as they do not believe in the same God.

Ghis has decided to follow her soul and to act in all conscience. A great inner power is present inside of her. This situation reminds me of Sri Aurobindo who, exactly 100 years ago, experienced a similar fate as he was jailed in the Alipore Prison in India, for sedition. Later, he wrote about his days in prison (my translation):

"The prison workshop on one side, the cowshed on the other, these were the borders of my little kingdom. From the workshop to the cowshed, from the cowshed to the workshop, I recited, as I walked, the Upanishads' immortal mantra, and I discovered by their profound wisdom, a source of light and strength; or, instead, I observed the comings and goings, the activities of other prisoners, (…) Little by little, my state of being became such that the prison ceased to by a prison. This tall barricade, these iron bars, these white walls, this blue-leafed tree bathing in the sunlight, all these ordinary objects no longer seemed inanimate or insensitive, but rather, they became full of life, inhabited by a consciousness that filled everything, and I had the impression that all these things loved me and wished to embrace me. Men, cows, ants, birds, would pass, fly, actually living the game of nature; but inside, immersed in a peace-filled bliss, stood a Soul so pure, vast and detached. It sometimes appeared as if the Lord was standing tall under the tree, playing the flute, His flute of Joy, and my heart was irresistibly attracted by the sweetness of the music. At all times, I had the feeling that someone was holding me in his arms, was pressing me against his heart, and, as this state of being was growing inside of me, an immense, unspeakable peace, an immaculate peace would invade my body and take possession of me. The shell covering my heart came loose, releasing a flow of love towards all creatures. At the same time, kindness, compassion, non-violence, all sattvic* qualities started blooming inside of me, dominating my overwhelmingly rajasic** nature. And as they bloomed, my joy was amplified, and this state of unwavering peace deepened. From the very beginning, my worries about the trial disappeared, but now, I had the impression that, on the contrary, God, in His all-kindness, had brought me in prison for my own good. I firmly believed that I would be acquitted and released. And from this day on, I ceased to suffer from these days in prison. (Sri Aurobindo, Jours de prison)

I do hope that, in the future, those working in the justice system will not suspect Ghis of suffering from any mental health problem. It is important not to confuse mental illness with spiritual experience.

Jean Dury

* Sattvic: stemming from sattva, the principle of light and harmony
** Rajasic: filled with rajas, the principle of energy, of passion.

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Legal Note - January 19th, 2009

The crash of the economy
by Jean Dury

According to Aurobindo, the future of all that exists is inherent in it from the very beginning. Thus, the vital, the mental and the supramental levels of consciousness are involuted inside of matter. Ironically, the same holds true of our economic system. A global crisis was inevitable and predictable as soon as the Federal Reserve System was conceived in 1913. To understand, we must go back in time and examine how money can be created in our present system.

A few thousand years ago, bartering was the way to do commercial exchanges. With time, gold naturally became, for several reasons, the point of reference for these exchanges. Thus, man started accumulating this precious metal and soon felt the need to protect it from thieves. During the Middle Ages, the goldsmith, the precursor of our modern bankers, became the depository of our gold. Any person who owned a lot of this metal would put it in the goldsmith’s vault. In return, the goldsmith would write a note testifying the presence of this deposit. Such written notes are at the origin of our modern cheques.

From then on, anyone with such a note could use it to buy products or property. In exchange, he would sign the document to prove that the new owner was now in possession of the equivalent gold. This is the origin of our modern cheques’ endorsement. The goldsmith quickly realised that gold owners would rarely demand their deposit back. They would much prefer using the paper notes without being burdened by heavy metal coins. A brilliant idea came to our goldsmith’s mind. Why not use these unclaimed gold reserves to lend money with interest. For each loan, a signed document would prove the presence of a corresponding quantity of gold in the vault. This practice became common and gave rise to our present paper bank notes. Our goldsmith had become a banker.

With time, our banker calculated that a gold reserve corresponding to 10% of the money lent was sufficient to guaranty these loans. This is how banking FRAUD was started. A thousand years later, it is still going on. These first bankers loaned with interest money that they did not have. The total of all the loans exceeded the value of the gold deposited in their vaults.

Several times in the past, in moments of economic instability, many depositors would demand their gold back at the same time. Since the banker did not own enough gold to reimburse them the consequence was always the same: the depositor would loose all his money and the banker would close his doors. This was called a “bank run”.

Before 1913, the USA suffered several bank runs in their short history, and their central bank even went through three different bankruptcies. In 1913, the Americain people was opposed to the implementation of a new central bank. To put in place the new banking system, the Congress passed a law that forced the American government to use only the notes from the Federal Reserve System. Notice that this banking system was not federal, despite its name. It was owned by a private cartel of international bankers who had taken over the American economy and, at the same time, that of Canada.

To encourage the use of these new bank notes on the market, the cartel organised World War I. The expenses engendered by this war justified the creation of the income tax in Canada and USA. With the new law passed in 1913, the two governments could only borrow notes from the Federal Reserve System or the Bank of Canada. In correlation, the population had to pay the income tax with the same type of money. Thus, the American or Canadian citizen had to stop using older notes coming from the banks that were not yet submitted to the new law. In less than ten years, all these older banks had been assimilated by the new system.

Let us now examine how this affected the banking system as a whole. The American government suddenly needed a lot of money for the new war machine it had just created. It is capital not to forget that the mastermind behind the new American banking system, Paul Warburg, had a brother who was the director of the German central bank, the official enemy of the USA and its allies at that time. Be aware that the two Warburg brothers were financing both sides of the war. What did the American government do then – and is still doing today? To finance the war, its politicians simply crossed the road to go borrow colossal sums. Notice that the magnificent buildings that house banks are always very close to those of any central government. In return to the loans granted to these politicians, the central bank always asks for guaranties.

Do you understand the great swindle? The population guaranties these war loans by paying income tax. When the deal is done, the central bank hands back impressive documents with golden edges – Treasury Bonds. These represent the Obligations emitted by the government and which guaranty that the people will pay back. Nowadays, this has become common practice in all countries.

Now that the government has received its money from the central bank – which is worth nothing except the value of the paper on which the numbers are written – it deposits this total in a charter bank, which means a commercial bank supervised by the country’s central bank. That is where the Fractional Reserve System starts. The money deposited by the client can now be lent by Charter Bank A, as long as it keeps 10% of it. The 90% balance can then be lent and is deposited by the borrower in Charter Bank B, which uses 90% of it for new loans. This corresponds to 81% of the initial deposit made in Charter Bank A. And on it goes. This is what is called the “revolving door”.

Worse still, even if the American central bank is called the Federal Reserve System, there is not reserve left. The ultimate aim was to eliminate the gold standard and this was accomplished in USA and Canada and all the other countries controlled by a central bank.

For one hundred years, a tiny group of human beings has taken control of all the central banks. Their system dominates the whole planet and rules over international commerce. All governments, all multinationals, all companies and all individuals have reached the maximum level of debt possible. It is mathematically impossible to reimburse even the interests to the loans, because the money needed to pay these back was never created. The source of the problem lies here.

Only a few multinationals can now survive. Most are too much in debt and there is not enough money available on the market. If we created more, inflation will become paramount. A quart of milk may end up costing 10 dollars. The objective of any government is not to reimburse the so-called national debt. This is impossible as it would use up the whole mass of money presently in circulation in the country. It mission is to collect taxes – income and others – to keep hiding the world-wide FRAUD that is the basic cause of all the present wars, all the human misery and almost all criminality.

The present situation is proof enough. Now, charter banks do not even own the fractional reserve requited, even if the minimum required is much less than 10%. Technically, they are facing bankruptcy. Worse still, the central bank is reducing its loans to charter banks because inflation is banging at our door and could cause severe social crises.

What is the remedy concocted by our international bankers concerning this imminent economic crisis? Members of the banking cartel went to visit their friends in Congress (and its equivalent in other countries) and proposed that new money be created using the old fractional reserve trick that we mentioned earlier. This new money will boost charter banks and multinationals once more, so that some will not go bankrupt, while the whole situation was provoked by the same international bankers that are now offering new deals. But nobody is solvable anymore. The only ones left are the people themselves. We serve as bailout for hundreds of billions of dollars that the governments are borrowing from their central banks to boost the charter banks. Why do our governments accept these new loans? Because all of them are working for the international banking cartel that they have blindly served since 1913. The purpose of their masters is to impoverish the population even more so that all citizens kneel at their feet. It is an old power struggle that is about to reach its final outcome, legalised slavery at the service of international bankers.

The world is upside down and nobody says a word. No politician questions the matter. They have all been bought with a lifelong pension plan after two mandates and six years of loyal service. If there is one subject that needs their attention now, it is our banking system. But they continue to look in the other direction. And we keep asking these same politicians to solve the economic crisis even if they have repeatedly and lamentably failed in the past. It is like asking the fox to watch the chicken coop!

The existence of income tax rests on a single reason – maintaining the present banking system so that a tiny group of men can profit from our labour, even after they have proven time and again that their way of controlling our lives proved contrary to our best interests.

The actual banking system is extremely cruel and far from the great human potential of living in harmony with ourselves and the others. As long as our banking system will not be totally abolished, no solution is possible to control human commerce. Actually, a great occasion is given to us so that we can examine individually our inner crisis, the fundamental cause of all that arises externally. We are the ones who have given away our power to governments and banks. We are the ones who can take it back.

In conclusion, I think that Ghis’ work is extremely important at the present moment, as it helps us become conscious of our true identity and reminds us that the supreme power is internal. We had forgotten it.

Have courage, Ghis! My thoughts are with you.

Jean Dury

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